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Interview with Run Vaylor

The first question popping into my head, after listening to Electric City, Star Knight and Metropolis is the following: where do you get influenced from? Because i am pretty sure i can hear a strong Daft Punk influence on Star Knight.

Yes, it's true. I grew up with Daft Punk. My other influences are diverse, Mitch Murder, Lazerhawk, Prodigy, Giorgio Moroder but for "Metropolis" my biggest influence was Gesaffelstein.

I've read that you were born in the late 80s, is that true? And if yes, what is your favorite gaming console from that time?

Yes, I was born in 1988. I increased with super NES and especially Nintendo 64. I spent hours in front of "Goldeneye".
You are from France and when people say the word france in connection with retrosynth artists there is always Kavinsky popping into my head, describe the Synthwave scene over there, because i can only guess that it's kinda big, atleast since Kavinsky started making music.

The scene Synthwave is not still very wide-spread even if Perturbator and Carpenter Brut begin to turn well in France. There is also Lifelike and Maethelvin whom I like very much. But globally it is another little recognized kind.
Metropolis came out a year ago, do you have any plans on a new album, new EP, anything?

I am going to take out an album this year, maybe from summer if I move forward well. It will be really more pop with very disco tones.

 What is your favorite Movie or rather, which movies would you identify your music with the most?

When I compose I am made my own movie in my head. After the movies which stood out to me and which I adore most are Mad max 2, Robocop, Commando, Terminator, Starship troopers. That poetic movies roughly. :)

Did you grow up actually watching those oldschool action movies or was it something that you discovered for yourself when you were older?

I really grew with. I saw Mad max 2 before knowing how to ride a bike.
When did you start making music? Is Run Vaylor the only music project you have or do you work in other genres/projects as well?

I began four years ago. Run Vaylor is my only musical project.
The most important question at the end: Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Coca Cola of course! 
Thank you for having me, Run Vaylor and I wish you good luck with all your future productions!