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Ten 80s Inspired Tracks To Drive To

The summer is almost here and it is time for a late night drive while listening to great 80s inspired tunes. So sit down in your trusty DeLorean, turn the engine on and drive until you reach 88 miles per hour to travel back to 1985.

So here is the list that is arranged in the order that I find best for listening, all of the tracks presented are equally amazing.

1: Majestique - Tonight

This is a very smooth track with an amazing lead synth that takes you on a journey. Great melodies which create an atmosphere full of hope. This track just really hypes you up. You know you are in for an amazing night when you start off with music like this.

2: Miami Nights 1984 - Accelerated

Ahh what a classic! This track has just something magic about it. It combines all the great elements of the 80s style and it has and amazing video to it. It is one of those tracks that was made to drive to it. This tracks lets you zoom out and forget your problems and just enjoy the road, the speed and the synth.

3: Vestron Vulture - Hypervelocity Impact Test

This track has somewhat of a dark atmosphere. It puts the listener in a trance and creates a nostalgic feeling. As you pass the neon signs this track will remind you of the good old times.

4:  Magic Sword - In The Face Of Evil

Another great classic in the synthwave community. When my friend and I where discussing this track the only thing we could say was “That BASS!!!” and then “THAT SYNTH!!!”. It is a slower track but it builds up tenision greately and the synths take you on a journey within your mind. You just want to turn it up louder and hear that amazing guitar solo right in your face. A true synth masterpiece.

5:  Botnit - Hi Score

Time for a radio break! The beat makes you focus on the road and stay concentrated within your natural rhytm. The radio voice samples remind you of the good old games and make you want to play something that you cant run on windows 8. Yes! Install a DOS emulator and play the games that started the Era of Video Gaming!

6: Mega Drive - I Am The Program

One more classic for the Synthwave Community. This is one of the best synth tracks I have heard by far. Deep layers of various sounds create a unique sound that you can dive in to and get lost in. An amazing track especially for a late night drive.

7: Meteor - Destroyer

This one is for all of the bikers out there! A combination of metal and synth works perfectly! This track has a rhytmic part where it is just in your face and full of drive and it has a melodic part that give you goose bumps. This track is from Meteors new album - Parallel Lives. What an amazing mix of genres. This track is not for DeLorean drivers but for Harley riders! Hit the highway and blast this on full volume.

8. Let Em Riot - The Manual

A dancy, funky, jumpy track with a disco feel. Catchy vocals and a rhytm that makes you shake your head as you ride into the sunset.

9: Droid Bishop - In Your Love

A smooth track with lovely vocals and 80s synth pop feel. There are many love songs in this world but this one stands out. A track to drive to as the sun is rising and to keep you thinking about that special someone in your life.

10: PowercuT - Nostalgia

After a late night ride listening to 80s tracks and travelling back in time you might realise that time runs forward and it might just slip through your fingers withut you noticing. This track has a somewhat sad nostalgic feel. All those great tracks and amazing times that are long gone come to mind. It is always after a walk or a long drive of listening to 80s style tracks I feel like that.

Drive safe and listen to synthwave!

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