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Only God Forgives (2013)

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just got done watching Only God Forgives.

And if you liked Drive, watch this one!

All jokes aside, this movie is not for everyone. Not only because of the gore it offers, no. The whole directing style, it's clearly aimed to deliver something artsy, something out of place, something that makes you lean back at the end and say "wow". There is little to no action in this movie, there is no comic relief, there are a little thriller elements. Ryan Gosling's performance is incredible, he has about 30 lines and that's it. His counterpart is a cop who brings justice to thugs and gangsters by sword and is being played by Vithaya Pansringarm. Ryan Gosling's character descents into madness as the movie progresses, but it doesn't show it obviously. It gives you low key hints here and there. Soundtrack by Cliff Martinez (Drive) and directed and written by Nicolas Winding Refn.


Julian's (Ryan Gosling) whole family seems to be f'ed up. His brother rapes and murders underage girls, his mother calls assassinations on people and Julian himself killed his own father, probably on behalf of his mom. Now the thing is, the movie pictures Ryan Gosling's dark and violent fantasies when in one scene, pictured by wearing a black shirt, beats random people up in his club and then dragging them out while grabbing their teeth. The cop who serves justice by sword, Chang, has such a BIG role too. Every time he's served his justice by sword, he returns to a Karaoke bar with the rest of his police squad and sings a Thai song, while all the other officers look at him and show a feeling of awe and guilt at the same time. In one scene you can get a glimpse at one of the officers having wet, red eyes, implying that he was crying. As for the comparison with Drive, Ryan Gosling's character dies in this movie and doesn't play the hero. But it basically has the same soundtrack director and the same Director. So if you liked Drive, watch this one! I rate this movie 8/10.