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Interview with FourFox

What artist do you enjoy the most in the electronic music today?

Ahh, such a difficult question! So many artists come to mind; Sun Araw, Factory Floor, but I do find myself always coming back to M.O.O.N. The tracks are always quite a simple concept but delivered perfectly! "Release" is a great example of this.

A lot of your stuff can be labeled house or minimal synthwave and the sounds are definitely inspired by those genres, but what do you think of the style of the music you do? Is it more synthwave or house or/and are you trying to break some new ground?

I'm never sure what to say about the genres of my own work. I always begin composing a track with the intent of making it super, ultra 80s but it always ends up being some sort of spacey minimal house track. Using all my synthesizers and older drum machines keep the sounds rooted in the 80s but my style of writing is definitely more beat oriented.

Is your music more about great sound design, having a great tune or conveying a message?

If those are the three options you're giving me then I'd have to say having a great tune! Most of my music isn't a story or a message; I just try to write some enjoyable beats. I spend most of my time listening to music while I'm cycling or whatever so I guess that's what I write for.

What were your influences as a kid?

A lot of 90s rave music that my older brother listened to exclusively. "Bonkers" albums, that sort of thing. When I started to develop my own taste it was actually more heavy metal and ska I was into but I always had a love for Daft Punk. It was actually hearing Lazerhawk's album "Visitors" that got me into trying to make my own electronic music. Also a great album!

Where do you think music is going?

That's such an open ended question. Everywhere! I could buy tickets to Tomorrowland and go rave my face off to EDM or I could go down my local cafe and catch someone playing an accordion and everything in between. All the scenes are active and progressing if you look for them!

I know you are also a guitar teacher, are there any other talents or hobbies you have that we might see one day?

Yeh, I play a variety of instruments, the harmonica and piano as well, and I do a lot of cycling and archery that I've been wanting to somehow incorporate into a music video but genius hasn't struck yet so possibly something to watch for in the future! Retrowave inspired harmonica? Stay tuned.

What do you think of all the "wave" genres and the memes surrounding that community?

I love them. All of them. Vaporwave, Pizzawave, Horizontalwave, they're all great.

What are your goals and plans and where can people find you?

At the moment I'm working on my next live set so I'll be gigging around my city and possibly beyond in the near future. I'll still be uploading stuff to my soundcloud as I can though!

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