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Interview with Meteor

Meteor is a synthwave producer based in Medellín, Colombia. He is rocking the scene with his complex melodic lines and a touch of metal and blood in your music. Today you will know a bit more about his process of production. Let's go!  

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from and what inspired you to be here with your own Synthwave/Synthrock sound? 

Hello Anton, thanks for having me on Recall FM.

My name is Jorge L. Reyes, I’m for Medellín, Colombia (the City of Eternal Spring). I’m a Graphic Designer in my “regular life”. I own (with my wife) of a small company related with visual communication, advertising and corporate design and I am also an entrepreneur in other types of businesses. In my NOT regular life, I’m Musician, Touring Motorcyclist and traveler.

What inspired me to start mixing Synthwave and Rock is the fact that I’m guitarist and I've been playing in rock bands for the last 13 years. When Meteor was born I understood that it would be an “Electronic” project, but in the sound development of Manhattan 2019 (ep) I understood that I could not put aside my roots so I had to find a way to balance both styles.

Do you produce and record everything for meteor by yourself? 

Yes I do! Since many years ago I started to produce all my rock band records, you know, guitars, drums, bass, etc, and at the same time I produced some friends rock bands and I liked a lot that experience. That’s the reason why a learned about instruments, DAWs, signal flow processes, mixing and mastering. I tend to do everything by myself, I don’t know why, maybe at some point I feel that I’m the only one that can understand what I want with the final result.

Very generic questions but still, for how long have you been doing music and how did your style evolve? 

I’ve been making music for many years (13 year to be specific) in different styles, Punk Rock (my main style) Metal Core and Post-Hardcore, Indie Rock, Surf, Blues, and of course Synthwave/Outrun. Meteor has been the only project that not depends of more than one person to be executed and I haven’t to ask someone else about any idea, that makes me feel free to put on it whatever I want. I’ve tried to play around with some ideas that sound cool for me with the fortune that it has caught the attention of the people, and I feel so glad for that.

What was the first record you ever listened to and does it still have an affect on you today? 

My memory works so bad for this kind of questions but I think that the first album I ever listened was Michael Jackson’s “Bad” vinyl in the early 90’s that an uncle bought me, if this had not happened I would be dancing Salsa or something like that.

This event not only affected me today but my whole life. I’m living in a Caribbean country so the 95% of the people listen to Caribbean and party music, it’s a little bit hard to be a rock and alternative guy here. LOL!

What made you want to pursue the “80s” sound? 

Well, as everybody knows the electronic music can be played by one person, I’m not a guy who like every electronic music style just a few genres and one day listening music on Youtube I found a Kavinsky song and I was like WHAT THE F***!!! This immediately transported me to my childhood and I said to myself: “I have to do something like this”, and then I discovered some synthwave producers that inspired me to start making this kind of music.

What came first for you, the guitar or the synths? 

I started playing guitar when I was 14 year old; I always wanted to be a great guitarist but I failed on that because my inconstancy. I start playing synths just one year ago, I still learning about it. Now I’m concentrating on being a good producer not the best instrumentalist.

How was the idea of combining synthwave and metal/rock came to be? Do you think there is a need for more of that type of music? 

I think everyone needs to do whatever they want, whatever sounds cool for them. No rules!

Who are your biggest influences in the synth/retro/80s music world today? 

I’m learning from every producer every day. I can’t tell you exactly who are influencing me right now but I can tell you who are making great this scene, people like Waveshaper, Powernerd, TCR, Absolute Valentine, Robert Parker, FM-84, Lost Years, Hollywood Burns, Volkor X, Phaserland, Oscillian, The Encounter, Dance With the Dead, and many many more who are sacrificing time and effort into this we do not know how far it will.

What would be your advice to anyone starting out as a musician and pursuing the sound of the 80s? 

I don’t know man…follow your dreams? Haha. Just kidding, the hard work and the constancy, that’s the only way to reach what you want. Everybody is welcome to the Synthwave scene, we always need people decided to make something new for our ears.

What is in the future for Meteor and are there any other projects coming up from you? 

Being specific, I want to:
- Make a Live Session video
- Physical releases of Parallel Lives (cassette or vinyl)
- Make an US and EU tour.
- Make a new album
all of the above in loop and then…
- Die happy.

Kind regards and lots of love 
Recall FM