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Realview: 'Emotions' by ALEX

Emotions is the first album following up from his debut EP 'Blood Club' with NRW Records.

This project is a mixture of light and darker varations of the retro wave sound. Featuring the vocalist 'RUTA', providing her talent on the title track 'Emotions' & 'Paradise'. Also with a combined effort of two remixes included thanks to Absolute Valentine & Aileron.

01 - 2077: The intro track 2077 is heavily inspired by garage chord influences that you'd find in a track out of a disclosure record or similar. It's to really set the scene and adjust the mood of the listener. Films like ghost in the shell & blade runner also play a part in the inspiration for how it sounds overall. I wanted it sound like a scene from an artsy sci fi flick or anime.

02 - After Dark: A track that was birthed out of numerous failed attempts of dark wave - esque / cyber punk dance tracks. With this record, I followed up from the ambience of 2077 into some sort of club atmosphere with the audio of voices that establish the introduction of After dark. With a combination of sampled video game hits to compliment the overall vibe as well as a sinister melody.

03 - Paradise FT RUTA: Paradise was created originally as an instrumental at first before I crossed paths with RUTA. With this one I really wanted to capture a summer feel. Included are lush sounds of soothing pads and recordings of crashing sea waves to give it that little bit extra immersion.

04/05 - Paradise remixes (Absolute Valentine & Alieron): These two remixes really do sound unique in their own ways. Absolute's version is a groundbreaking achievement, possibly illuding to a new sub genre of 'SynthTrap'. With it's trap influences, Valentine's remix sounds confident & adventurous with it's hard percussion and useful purpose of the recycled dark melody whilst maintaining it's dark feel overall.

Alieron's remix is an awesome fusion of funk, synth and vocals. With his signature sound, Blending warm percussion with his own brand of sound design to create a beastly nu funk rendition of paradise. Again, Alieron makes a great use of RUTA's vocals and re invents them to fit in nicely with this fantastic piece of audio.

06/07 - Emotions FT RUTA & instrumental: The beautiful title track was actually RUTA's choice to provide vocals for after she heard it on my soundcloud after we met up to discuss the project altogether. It only took a day in the studio to get the vocals just right after just two & half hours of numerous takes.

Originally, The project wasn't even meant to include this track at all, or maybe at least the instrumental. It was meant to be a small EP called 'Paradise' instead. So in the end, I really have to thank RUTA for her choice to go ahead with the choice to bring Emotions into a fully vocal track. Emotions is a song that is very bipolar in it's sounds. With it seeming oddly happy yet sad at the same time.

The meaning is about a nameless character who is underconfident & suffers from low self esteem and struggles to cope with his/her emotions.

This track was heavily inspired by the likes of Kavinsky & electric youth as well as college.

08 - Under Your Spell: Under your spell is a fitting outro for this album, ending on a much more lighter tone. Beginning with another crowd of people laughing and talking with the familiar atmosphere of a day at college or a house party, etc... It then kicks off with an auto filtered bass, soon followed by the melody as the rest of the track comes into fruition. With chilled sounds and stellar ambience, it rounds of the album nicely with a nice fade out. Returning back to the crowds, ending on a positive note.


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