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Realview: 'Bring Out The Funk' by Damokles

With an album full of groove and retro 80's feeling, Damokles one more time rocks on the retrowave scene. This is a great album, released by Future 80's Records in October of 2016. Today you know the background of each track from the album, reviewed by the producer himself.

01 - Bring Out The Funk (feat. Lovisa): I wanted to make a sibling to Quantum Flux. But, as with all my tracks, it soon started on it's own path. Funk is absolutely one of my great loves in the world of music and after a while the track "wanted" to be called "Bring Out The Funk". When i create a lead I rarely have words to it. That comes later. In this case it really shouted out the words by itself. I tend to refer to DNA when describing the roots of music. In this case the DNA strains are many. The verse came very natural to sing in a "Wolfman Jack" kind of voice but when it came to the chorus line I drew a blank with my own voice. I asked my talented daughter if she could have a go and there it was.

02 - Gettin'  Me Some Attention: In the very early days of house you could hear a particular snare marking the end of a bar. Another thing was the piano playing a certain kind of pattern. I have tried to capture that early stage in this track. I experimented with having the vocoder become the bass line like Earth Wind and Fire did in "Let's Groove". It worked like a charm. This track also gave me the opportunity to play piano (rather than synth) on the solo. Piano is my main instrument but it rarely feels like the right sound for my tracks. On this track however... it was just right. As with most tracks the lyrics were born out of the music itself. I guess it is really about me needing the attention of you all.

03 - Diamonds Are Forever: This track started off with the sound effects you can hear in the beginning. I was under the impression it would become a very industrial kind of track. Surprisingly enough it took an entirely different turn into funk rock instead. Working with distorted synths is a very interesting thing. It becomes something far from synthetic. The title was something I "heard" in the chorus at a very early state but no... I has got nothing to do with James Bond. On this track I use "real" strings bringing that late 70's, early 80's touch to it.

04 - Electric Boogie: This track was originally intended to be on a compilation with freestyle as its main theme.
Contrary to the genre the intro is in fact a homage to another hero of mine: Michael Jackson.
Creating the track I realized that this particular kind of funk deserved a spot on my EP so when it became clear that the comp was not going to be released I decided to include it. You can trace a lot of DNA from the early gigants from the freestyle scene: Jonzun Crew, Africa Bambaataa and many others. This track gave me the opportunity to lay down some real scratching too. Naturally using the same sound that was used on Hearby Hancock’s ”Rock It”. It is still really fresh!

05 - Singularity Event: There is not one band that has shaped me more than Kraftwerk. I fell into their rabbit hole back in ’77 and never really got up again. Some say that using that sound effect (very similar to the one on ”The Robots”) throughout the track was taking it too far but they have ment so extremely much to the music of today that they deserve every homage. This is mine. They put the spotlight on robots back in the day. I felt it only fair to go one step further and let it shine on artificial intelligence. Will an A.I. ever become self aware? Who knows? We don't even know what makes humans be aware.

06 - Bring Out The Funk (Instrumental Remix): Back in the day all tracks of importance came out in a extended dance mix.  I felt that BOTF deserved one too. Since the genre mostly prefer instrumentals I decided to make it one. You will notice that it wonders off in different directions still maintaining the same feel as the vocal version. I leave it up to you to decide which is better. Apart from the remix I also decided to give all DJ's a bit of a treat and include the new DJ format STEMS for all tracks on the EP. That can only be obtained when buying it on Bandcamp though.

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