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Realview: 'Cyberdrive BTA​-​MX85' by Canned Resistor

*****************DESTROY AFTER VIEWING******************

NAME: Neon Justice
STATUS: Resistance operative for EAGLE TALON

The most decorated soldier of the resistance, Neon Justice is entrusted with deploying the ulti-mate weapon, the Cyberdrive in the headquarters of DANYECORP in an effort to destroy its artificial intelligence, The Crimson Phage.  Part man, Part Machine, All American.

NAME: Crimson Phage
SERIES: Unknown
STATUS: Artificial intelligence and leader of DANYECORP’s Section-C security forces

Ruthless and cunning, it acts as leader of DANYECORP’s Section-C and rules the former Unit-ed States of America with an iron fist.  Through acquisition of executive power over the US gov-ernment, it established the NSO (Neo Soviet Order) at the later end of the 20th century.  It re-sides in the DANYECORP mainframe and its sole mission is to maintain order and crush the resistance.

NAME: Valerie Snow
STATUS: Human (presumed dead)

A childhood friend and love interest of Neon Justice.  Her capture was one of the primary factors that led him to join the resistance.

NAME: Neon Vengeance

A special operative who fought in World War III and the brother of Neon Justice. The first ever soldier to obtain the title of “Neon”. He has been missing and presumed dead since shortly after “NSV-Day” when the the Neo Soviet Order declared victory over the former United States of America.

01 - Los Angeles 20XX: In this track we are introduced to the dystopian city of Los Angeles, where the last of the re-sistance resides in their secret subterranean headquarters. Former DARPA scientists worked tire-lessly on a weapon called The Cyberdrive, a top secret device that is capable of bringing down Crimson Phage and the Danyecorp mainframe once and for all. Neon Justice was dispatched to deliver the payload and the resistance leaders eagerly await his return.

02 - Neon Justice: Upon his return from DANYECORP headquarters in Moscow, Neon Justice brings news that The Crimson Phage has been defeated. With the heart of the NSO crushed, the resistance can now begin to rebuild what was lost in the conflict.  Back at Eagle Talon headquarters, an unexpected guest awaits him….Valerie Snow.

03 - Paradise: A flashback to Neon Justice’s youth we see a budding romance between he and Valerie, ending in her capture by the NSO.  Neon Justice vows to join the resistance and rescue Valerie, follow-ing in the footsteps of his older brother.

04 - Dreamworld: In the present, Neon Justice and Valerie Snow are reunited. They begin to pursue their relation-ship as if nothing had occurred. Now that the conflict is over, they make plans to spend the rest of their lives together.  Neon Justice’s intuition tells him that something is off though. Eventual-ly he discovers that Valerie is simply a computer generated recreation of his memories of her.

05 - Virtual Reality: Neon Justice, now aware that he is trapped in a simulation of some sort conspires to escape.  Try as he may, he is unable to leave his virtual prison. In despair, he resigns himself to the fact that he will never be able to leave. Slowly, his mental state deteriorates.

06 - Neon Vengeance: Neon Justice awakens deep inside DAYNECORP headquarters. He receives a radio transmis-sion from his brother, Neon Vengeance, who was presumed dead after he disappeared at the end of the war. Neon Vengeance tells his brother that he had been trapped in the simulation for over a decade, that the resistance has been wiped out, and that The Crimson Phage is alive and well. Determined to complete his mission, Neon Justice plans to sacrifice himself by overloading Crimson Phage’s core and destroying the mainframe from the inside out.  Neon Vengeance tells him that he should be the one to do this and that Neon Justice should escape before its too late. Neon Justice escapes the facility just as Vengeance’s core overloads.

07 - A New Dawn: Neon Justice stands on a cliff overlooking the ruins of DANYECORP headquarters. He receives a transmission from an unknown source, which simply consists of radio static and the words “…find me….” in a voice that sounds like Vengeance. Convinced his brother has escaped the destruction somehow, Neon Justice sets out to find Vengeance.  The credits roll.

Deep in Cyberspace we find the Cyberdrive.  It activates and revives Crimson Phage, indicating that its delivery was all the AI needed to spread from the DANYECORP mainframe to the internet. We see the green wireframe of cyberspace turn to red as the entire world wide network is progressively infected by the now viral Crimson Phage. Fade to black.


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