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Realview: 'Atmosphere Zero' by Cosmo Cocktail

Know more about the last release of 2016 from Werkstatt Recordings reviewed track by track by Cosmo Cocktail!

1 - Atmosphere Zero: This track was born in a period when I used to listen to a lot of electro 80s inspired music, in particular to Ceeonic and Dagobert. So it's been influenced a lot from that. The structure of the song is based on two lead synth riffs in particular, with a short spoken intermezzo. I really love the vocoder in this track, it gives the right touch of anxiety to the song. The sonar sound has been added to give the idea of being inside a submarine, with a robotic voice which says over and over “Atmosphere Zero”- The words “Das Boot” in the second part of the song are a precise omage to the song “Das Boot” by the techno project U96, which was famous in the 90s. I added the scratches in a moment later, to recall some breakbeat sounds of the 80s. The song is rich of little souns, details, fills, rises and falls, which required a long research. I am very satisfied with this song, and I decided to put it at the first position in the EP to create the right atmosphere. The artwork of this EP represents just what the song tells. Look at the artwork of “Atmosphere Zero” while you're listening to it, you will enter that submarine!

2 - The 4th dimension: The 4th dimension was born one night while I was listening to classic 90s dance music, so I decided to create a dance flavour, but 80s inspired track. The first part of the song is based on a simply layering structure, with putting the synth lines one over the other, The bass line is played with an Artruria Microbrute, then you can hear an guitar synth arpeggio that I really like... and then comes a very catchy riff which gives structure to the line. I decided to use a very percussive and high snare drum in the main mix in order to give rhythm to the song. At the middle the track becomes more dreamy and with a nostalgic touch, with a great use of pads. In the first version of the ep the 4th dimension was at the first position, but I decided to move it to the second.

3 - On a Mission: This is my favourite track of the new EP. On a mission was born the afternoon after one of my italo disco dj sets. I decided that I wanted to create a track with the classic auto octave bass line as in the most famous italo disco songs. I added a wave touch to make it less happy and more powerful.  The track starts with a 4/4 kick and snare, with no intro. I use a lot the Arturia Microbrute a lot in this song too, in particular for the main riff, and the clap in the drum line. This with the tom from the Simmons drum kit, my favourite one. At the end I added some digital cowbell sounds that I really like. The title of the song is an homage to one of my favourite italo disco artists: Miko Mission.

4 - Electroboys: The first single to be chosen from this EP that had a strange genesis. The song was born as a italo disco track too. Everything started from the first riff, played by hand with no equalization and with hardware instruments. The bass line in the first version was a normal italo line in auto octave. But I wasn't satisfied with the result, and so I added a second bass line. I put the scratches later, when I decided to cancel this italo disco mood to bring the song to breakdance/hip hop territories. The interesting thing is that at this point the track was almost complete. A morning I tried to sing with the vocoder the verse “live in 1985” and I liked it. From that point I wrote the entire lyric of “Electroboys” and sung it entirely with the vocoder. I am very satisfied with this track because it joins a lot of alternative elements you can't hear often in the modern synthwave: there is a little bit of italo, hip hop, electro, breakbeat and a sprinkle of funk. A good track to do some breakdance!

5 - Memories: This is the oldest track of the EP, in fact it has been originally written in the summer of 2015. At the beginning it had to be part of a dreamwave EP, which has never been released (but it exits in my PC and I will probably release it in 2017). The song has a very nostalgic mood, with a gloomy background. I re-elaborated this song a few times... the firt demos had really different sounds. Great part of the song is based to cowbell riffs.

6 - Electroboys (instrumental): Just few words: sing with me!

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