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Realview: 'La Luna' by Dimi Kaye

In a delicate release from December 2, 2016, Dimi Kaye give us a bit of the his youth's history emotionally described by the music. Know now, by the words of himself, what is behind of each track of 'La Luna'!

1 - June of ‘92: The story La Luna follows is based on actual facts. The original bar, La Luna oppened it’s doors in 1990. By 1992 all young people of that area knew about the bar and gathered from the cities all around to have fun. I chose this time for my intro track, June of ‘92 because La Luna was up and coming, with many people and lots pretty amazing happenings. The track has that uptempo Synthwave vibe, full of melodic synth chords and pads to build excitement. The funky rhythm guitar is in the background to ease the listener for the more heavy use in the upcoming tracks and the solo is there because I actually love performing solos on my tracks!

2 - Our Roof Is The Night Sky: Now we get to experience how fun it was for people to be there. The name of the title is based on the fact that La Luna had no roof, so the only roof was the night sky. I chose to use heavily funk guitar melodies and rhythms, together with arpegiated synth melodies and strong pad chords to give more energy to the track. The guitar solo is an improvisation and is inspired on fusion/prog rock bands of the time. Then follows the synth solo and I went nuts with this, I thought “What can i program to be difficult to play live?”. Well, that synth solo!

3 - All Night Long: Every summer my uncle’s friends would bring music tapes from Athens, Thessaloniki and all the big cities in Greece where they lived. So, in La Luna I would listen all the pop and dance hits of the time, together with some classics from the 70s and 80s. All Night Long is a tribute to the dance music of the time, the more melodic four to the floor songs that had everyone on their feet dancing. The title also is a hint to how long people would stay in the bar and dance (most of the time until 07:00 in the morning!).

4 - Long Drinks Paradise: So, my uncle was the owner and main barman of La Luna. One time, I saw him making a Sex on the Beach cocktail for a girl and secretly poured a bit of tabasco in it. When she drank it her mouth burned and she spit all of it on him! Another story that I remember is when he would go to sleep, close to 12:00, my cousins and I would go in the bar, get all the alcohol we could find and try to make cocktails. We didn’t knew there was a dosage for every cocktail, we thought that if we fill the glass with everything we found, it would taste good! I was 9 back then... Long Drinks Paradise is an uptempo track and aims to give that exact feeling, of the light hearted mischiefs people did, using the spirits as a backdrop.

5 - Smooth Moves: Now we get into the secondary story of La Luna and that is the early love sparks of two people that they are about to fall in love. For all the people accross the Atlantic, you should know that back in the 80s, the greek and italian pick up lines were the most cunning, the smoothest and most hilarious! Smooth Moves as a whole aims to convey that. The smooth bassline followed by the guitar melody, the mid tempo rhythm, the sweet chords, the claps, by using all of these I want to make you imagine a guy spotting the one he likes in the crowd, and by moving with style and confidence he wants to conquer.

6 - Hard to Get: Of course, the ladies knew what’s up and were pretty hard to get! This track is a battle of wits, a conversation of two people with their defences up where everything builds slowly to a goal. The arrangement introduces melodic elements to keep the interest of the listener, just like a conversation needs to introduce new topics to keep it flowing. The chorus part is where the conversation reaches exciting levels and the two parties involved (our love birds) know that there’s a spark between them.

7 - Lovers in Trance: Our lovers are finally one. The battle is over and both parties are winners. There were many teenagers that fell in love for the first time in La Luna, while the music played and the alcohol was plenty. Some of them actually married after a few years and now have kids on their own. Lovers in Trance has an ambient/dance, definitely midnight summer vibes and a dreamlike quality, exactly how a person feels the first days of being in love. The crescendo on 2’45 is exactly the feeling you get when you have your first kiss under the cherry tree, in La Luna.

8 - Stars Fall in the Distance: There was a part in the town that lovers would go to make out. It was a hill above the town and from there you could see the mountain and listen to the music that came from La Luna, down below the street. Summer nights in Greece have a beautiful clear sky and as far as the eye can see, there are stars. Lovers would lie down in the middle of the night, talking quietly and smiling, dreaming together their relationship. In the distance stars would fall and they would make a wish. That is the vibe I aimed to make you to feel when you listen Stars Fall in the Distance.

9 - Daylight (feat. Oceanside85): Morning comes while the sun rises behind the mountain. Our lovers get up, kiss for the last time and go their seperate ways, until night comes back again. They found the light to bright their lives. Daylight was the first track I wrote after my first album Dream Sequencer, close to a year ago. Back then I only knew that I wanted my new album to be about La Luna but didn’t have the story ready yet. Even then though I knew that this track would be one of the last, if not the last track of the album. I uploaded the first version on Soundcloud and Chelsea (Oceanside85) listened to it, really liked it and made an early recording. After many months I produced the track Ocean Breeze for her album When Hearts Collide and we agreed that she would sing on Daylight. She sent me the vocal stems pretty early but I didn’t listen to it completely together with the track because Daylight was the last track in the production process for La Luna. I was amazed by the vocal lines and it worked perfectly with the theme. It pushes an already emotional track for me to even greater levels. I also love how the lyrics end with the word “daylight”, while the song fades out. Daylight is throughout nostalgic and bittersweet, to remind me and hopefully anyone else who listens to it the good times from our past that we will never forget. Times that shaped us and made us who we are today.

10 - Tearing Down the Walls: Final track of the album and this has an ominous vibe throughout. It is the summer of 1997 and the bar La Luna closes its doors. My uncle and his friends really gathered together and without a hassle they started tearing the wooden walls down. I was 14 back then and I remember I was playing with my friends near our house. There was a weird feeling of emptiness, because for 6 years we had something to fill our summer nights, we had a reason to stay late outside and play, we had the music to accompany whatever we did and most of what we did was amazing. Now all of that was lost. The track is intentionally melancholic, with a multitude of instruments to fill all the places of the mix, in order to create a very emotionally charged atmosphere. In the chorus part though, the chord progression aims to give a positive feel to the listener. Something ends, something begins. Memories remain and our goal should be to live every day doing our best to create single moments in time that will inspire us and live in our hearts forever. This is the only advice that I would like someone to take with them after listening to La Luna. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the music!

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